Hello, all!

This is my first ever personal blog post! I’m really excited. I hope I can keep up with this. A year or two ago my cousin showed me Pinterest and I have been in love and obsessed with it ever since. On Pinterest, I’ve found so many blogs from women that I absolutely adore! So I’m hoping that I can be just like them. A lot of them even blog as their full-time job! One of my passions is organisation and a lot of the blogs from the women I read offer insight into this. I’m not a stay at home mom like a lot of the blogs I read, but I’m an unemployed full-time student who wants to be able to have some kind of income and have fun at the same time! I figure I already spend so much time on Pinterest and these blogs anyways. Maybe we can all collaborate to give each other even more views, comments, etc.

Thanks for reading! Have an awesome day!

Here is the link to my most recent blog post, which includes a free printable, A Free Printable for Decluttering and Organizing Your Closet. Be sure to stop by my other post for tips and tricks on the subject, Declutter Your Closet.

Another organizational project that I’m currently working on (along with a free printable) can be found here, What To Do When You Have Too Many Magazines.

Be sure to come back soon.

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