Hello, all!

I know that I’m not the only one with too many clothes! I’ve read so many blog posts on this topic, so I thought that I’d let you all know what works for me.

  1. First thing’s first: take everything out of your closet!

I put everything on my bed, personally, and not on the floor. This reason is twofold: the floor is probably dirtier than your bed (and why would you want to do that to your clean clothes?) and this way I can’t go to sleep until I’ve finished (or I can just sleep on top of the clothes).

It is also easier to get rid of things if they’re already out of your closet. If you just browse through, you’ll say “Oh, I like this, next…” and you won’t be able to get rid of much that way.

  1. Throw away anything that you don’t like (or anything too far gone).

This is probably the easiest to part with, since you already don’t like the item. Perhaps you bought it and thought you’d like it or you just grew out of it. There could also be some things in there that need to be regifted (just kidding).

Now when I say “throw away” I don’t really mean that. Although, if it is too torn or stained I would honestly make cloths out of it. Otherwise, donate to Good Will, Salvation Army, a Christian Center, etc.

If you have the patience, you could also make a few extra bucks by selling it on Craigslist, Facebook, at a tag sale, online, etc.

  1. Throw away anything that doesn’t fit.

This next step is a little harder and that’s why we’re easing into it by doing the easier step first. I know I’m not the only one who thinks I’ll lose weight (I might) and be able to fit into all of those cute clothes that I used to wear. But the truth is that they’re taking up valuable space in my closet. And if I do lose the weight then I can reward myself with a small shopping spree for new clothes.

Again, you could resell these clothes or donate them.

  1. Now time for the fun part: putting everything back!

I’m actually not really sure if this is the most fun part, because you can get a lot of satisfaction out of just purging your closet in general.

I recommend that you get hangers that match (i.e. same color) that way everything looks more streamlined. Also make sure that the hangers fit your closet rod! I’ve had it happen where they don’t and so that’s not very good. I also recommend the hangers that allow you to hang other hangers off of them. One of the things that I also do for aesthetics is organize the clothes by color and shade, that way you can find what you want to wear more easily.

Another thing that I’ve been meaning to try is making it so the hangers face towards me and then once I wear that piece of clothing, I turn the hanger away from me. This will make it easier to notice which clothes you are wearing and which you may need to get rid of – to make space for things more your style!

One way to streamline your mornings is to pick out your outfits for the week and have them hanging up in order, pants and all.

Well, that’s it for now! I’m sure I’ll come back to this post to update if I’ve done anything extra special with my wardrobe but for right now I’m limited on cash and so I’ve done all that I can short of buying all new hangers, building additions to the closet, etc.

I hope that your purging and organizing goes well!

Please comment below if you have any tips or tricks that you’d like to share.

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Thank you so much for coming by my blog today and I hope that you’ll be back.

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