Hello, everybody!

Today I thought I’d talk about my “farm”. My boyfriend and I moved into the house that we currently live in during April and it came with some land, a shed, a garage and…a barn. The barn is the second best part (maybe the first). I immediately thought that I would get a cow and I’ve been so looking forward to it. This Spring I think that we’ll pick out two bull dairy calves.

Anyways, the animal that came first was Tidus – he’s been with me for 8 years now. Then came a bunny – Penelope. She unfortunately died and so I got her sister, Felicity (Bunbun). I tried so hard to save Penelope but either it was just her time to go or I definitely didn’t do something right. It started out with her having diarrhea which I know is deadly in rabbits. So I called the farm that I had gotten her from and they told me to put some oatmeal on her food and that should help. Unfortunately it didn’t and so the next day I did some research and saw that it could be mucoid enteritis/enteropathy. I called the vet and asked them how much it would cost to see her and it was just out of my price range and I have crappy credit. Thank God, they gave me some suggestions. I got some infant gas relief and put that in her water. I also got microbe powder that I also put in her water since the reason for her illness was due to something in her digestive tract or cecum (which is where the fermentation happens). She also couldn’t eat her poop like most rabbits because she wasn’t producing any. This gel-like substance started coming out after the diarrhea. I also gave her electrolytes because I know she was dehydrated from it. I also tried some different food for her but it just didn’t work. Just recently I picked up another little guy and Wesley (the beau) named him Wabbit.

When we first moved into this house the previous owners also left their 15 chickens and a cat (although she looked like a kitten). She was an outside cat and one night she never came back. I do miss her and may get another cat one day, even though I’m not particularly a cat person, she and I bonded. The 15 chickens were annoying, though. At least they laid us some eggs though. Around the same time that the poor cat went missing, all but one of our chickens were killed by a fisher cat, a dog, a coyote, who knows. So this one chicken was kind of nice and just followed us around and pooped on everything…and then she went missing.

So I decided that I would get some ducks – because I had always thought that they were so cute. And they would lay me eggs (bonus!). So I got two ducklings and brought them home. One of them died that first night and so I kept the lonely duckling that was left with me in the house. I feel like I definitely imprinted on her because she would start peeping as soon as I put her down. I actually don’t even know if she was a girl because I I never checked but I just felt that she was for some reason. She would crawl up onto my shoulder, close to my neck, and fall asleep. It was the cutest thing and I’m so glad that I got a picture of it. Because I didn’t want her to be lonely and wanted her to have some duck friends I went back to the farm and got 6 more. They were a bit bigger than she and the other duckling were. I put them all in a space together and I feel like they may have smothered her because when I went to check on them she wasn’t doing so well. She was so weak and not  as vocal. So I immediately took her out of there and kept her with me. Unfortunately she was also dead when I woke up the next morning. I felt so bad. I feel like I should have stayed on the couch and let her sleep on my chest the whole night.

My bunnies are house rabbits. Bunbun is currently downstairs while the little guy, Wabbit, is upstairs…since both have yet to be altered. Bunbun is very big, just like her sister was going to be; she’s a Flemish Giant and about 8 months. Wabbit is a Satin/Mini-Satin mix I believe and about 9 months. So obviously their cages are different sizes. He is also on different feed/pellets than her. I won’t transition him to Bunbun’s feed until they’re altered. And I will also be able to make an awesome living arrangement for them! Bunbun used to eat Timothy hay and Alfalfa hay but now they’re both just on Timothy. I also give them these straw treats. With his previous owners, Wabbit has had lettuce and carrots. I was so scared from Penelope that I’ve been scared to try it with Bunbun but I’m actually going out today to get some groceries and so we’ll give it a go. Also, they are poop and pee machines! It definitely got worse when they met each other, but hopefully I can get them fixed soon. Wabbit seems to do well in his cage with his litter box, but not so much in the house, but he’s making progress. Bunbun used to do awesome with her litter box but then she got too big and it’s my fault because I haven’t been able to figure out what to do yet. She mostly poops in her area…except right at the front door and I don’t know why.

For the duck aspect of my farm, I would definitely like to hatch some more ducklings in the spring and summer. I also would love to get 3 eggs a day from my 3 girls but that only happens sometimes. So once I have more ducks I’ll have more eggs. I also have to figure out a better watering system…they make such a mess. I also want to make them a pond so we’ll probably have to move them to the other coop and see if there is a natural spring down there. And we’ll obviously have to build a new fence.

The next project will be getting ready for the cows! I literally cannot wait! They are so cute and I can’t wait to care for them and love them. We will have to make the barn more homey and we’ll have to put up a fence (probably electric – because of the cost). To get ready we can definitely put in a trough or water bucket and a place for the total mixed ration (forage, concentrate, minerals, vitamins, etc.) to go. Then we should prepare for their arrival by having their food beforehand. Maybe we should also have some halters and rope leads. I’m sure that there is much more that I’m forgetting but I’ll definitely research beforehand.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. Hope to see you back here!

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