Hello, everyone!

This is  my first installment in my Thrifty Thursday series.

For the first few posts I want to show you all some DIY things. Then maybe I can move into freebies, coupons, etc.

The following is something that I’ve tried and found that it works:

DIY Fabric Softener

So for my first batch, I did two different kinds. I filled 2 mason jars  of each, 1 for me and 1 for my mother (she was the guinea pig, along with me).

As for ingredients, you’ll need:

Distilled white vinegar (I’m not sure if other vinegars will work but I’ll check on that)

Hair conditioner of your choosing

Water (I used it from the sink but you could use distilled)

And materials:

A mixing bowl

Something to mix the ingredients with

A container (I used mason jars)

A measuring cup/spoon  (to measure and keep with your fabric softener)

Okay, so what you do is get all of your ingredients together and use equal parts (1 cup) vinegar and chosen conditioner. When you’re doing this add the vinegar to the bowl first and then the conditioner. Mix well. Then pour it into your chosen container and shake it up to mix. Then add 2 cups of hot water to the mixture and shake again.

You’re done!

1 load = 1/4 cup of DIY fabric softener

1 batch of DIY fabric softener = 16 loads of laundry

The really nice thing is that if you buy the conditioner from the Dollar Tree, you will be saving so much money! I used the Suave Waterfall Mist and VO5 Mint Tea and Vanilla ones.

I hope that you liked this!

Be sure to come back soon. (:

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